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Sleeping affects fertility


Latest Health News

Too much or too little sleep can negatively affect  the ability of men to fertilize their partner, shows a new study.

It is assumed that 7 to 8 hours of sleep during the night is an ideal amount of sleeping.

Men who slept less than 6 or more than 9 hours over the night appear to have problems with fertility according to the study.

Namely, their partners are 42% less likely to get pregnant. It is assumed that the cause is related to hormones.


Scientists found a cure for AIDS?

Latest Health News

Scientists from Hebrew University in Jerusalem developed a cure that it is believed to lead to curing HIV and AIDS.

The scientists identified a protein which is claimed to reduce virus in infected people up to 97%.


Sweet drinks lead to diabetes

Latest Health News

People who drink two or more sweet drinks every day, are twice more exposed to the risk of diabetes, especially to diabetes type 2 and latent autoimmune diabetes present at adults, shows a new study.



Smoking causes DNA mutation

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Scientists discovered a 150 DNA mutation in the lungs, mouth, throat and esophagus every year in average smokers that smoke approximately 20 cigarettes per day.

Mutations are permanent and remain even when people stop smoking.



Winter is ideal for jogging

Latest Health News

Winter and autumn are ideal for jogging, according to the scientists.

The study in London shows that cold weather decreases the pulse for about 6% for people who are jogging because the skin needs less blood for cooling off.

In the summer people sweat 1.3 liters of water for 40-minute jogging and that means that the body deals harder with dehydration.

However, cold weather requires less energy, so you have to put more effort in burning calories during the winter.


Cooking over high heat is bad for the heart

Latest Health News

A new research suggests that people who like to prepare food over very high temperature have a larger risk of getting heart disease.

The study shows that the temperature of preparing food has a large impact on our health.

When you overheat food you produce new ingredients which might be harmful for your health.


Viagra for women tested


Latest Health News

A cure which has been developed to improve women’s sexual desire in premenopausal fulfilled the main goal in two key stages of clinical research.

The medicine called bremelanotide which is intended for women who suffer from depression because of low libido in premenopause shows significant improvements in the desire rate.



Children are bombed with hidden commercials

Latest Health News

Children in Europe are constantly bombed with hidden digital commercials and marketing that promotes fat, salted and very sweet food.

This has a negative effect on their health and obesity, which is becoming a very big problem in this part of the world, announce experts of the WHO.


Oil which burns fat

Latest Health News

Oil received from rapeseed contains less than a half of the saturated fatty acid than olive oil and because of its substances, it can burn belly fat.

Monounsaturated fat from the rapeseed reduces the amount of bad fat which affects negatively our health.

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