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24 Best Weight Loss Superfoods

Best weight loss superfoods

Some fitness experts like to say that losing weight depends 80 % on nutrition and the other 20% on exercising.

I like to say that the ratio is 50-50.

So, today we are going to talk about nutrition, which is absolutely necessary for a fit body. (1)

Let’s see what are the best weight loss superfoods.

I divided this article into several sections.

For example, the best fruits, vegetables, etc.

Let’s start.

24 best weight loss superfoods

Best fruits for weight loss:

1. Grapefruit

Grapefruit Definitely one of the best fruit for weight loss. (2)


It helps prevent fluid retention, it cleans your body, protects your liver and it degrades fats.

Just squeeze it, add ice and enjoy.

You can add honey if you don’t like the bitter taste.

You can read more about grapefruit for weight loss here.

2. Apples

Healthy benefits of apples

An apple per day keeps the doctor away.

Or in this case, keeps those extra pounds away.

Apples are one of the best high fiber foods.

You will feel full and reduce your appetite if you eat an apple half an hour before a meal.

3. Oranges

Benefits of eating oranges

Oranges have a glycemic index 40 which makes them one of the best fruits containing small levels of sugar.

This means as long as you don’t eat too many oranges at once, they won’t raise your blood sugar and cause problems with insulin or weight gain.

4. Lemon

Benefits of lemons

Squeeze a lemon in your glass of water and drink it in the morning before breakfast, during the day, and after eating so that you can digest your food more easily, especially high-fat food.

5. Watermelon

Best fruits for weight loss

It’s mostly water.

Watermelon can make you feel full so that you can avoid eating too much food.

6. Avocado

Best foods for weight loss - Avocado

Avocado is high in good fats.

It’s a perfect addition to salads, and it has many nutritious ingredients, like fibers and potassium.

7. Berries


Berries contain anthocyanins.

These are pigments that encourage the absorption of sugars and fats which makes them an effective fruit for cutting down pounds.

This food has a big percentage of fibers and water and has a low glycemic index, so your sugar level will not rise instantly.

Best vegetables for weight loss:

8. Cucumber

One of the best weight loss vegetables. (3)

It is mostly water.

The amount of water in vegetables is very important for you since it hydrates your body.

Eating vegetables high in water helps your body burn fat faster.

Also, cucumbers are a good natural appetite suppressant.

9. Cauliflower


Cruciferous vegetables are very good for weight loss.

And cauliflower is one of them.

It is loaded with fibers that improve digestion and you are less bloated thanks to this vegetable.

In addition, it’s a good source of omega 3 fatty acids that boost your immune system and improve insulin resistance.

These acids also help the secretion of leptin, a hormone that regulates your body weight and speeds up your metabolism.

10. Broccoli

Broccoli consists of 60% carbs and 40% proteins.

Complex carbs make you feel full for a longer time, so you will eat less during the day.

Best high-protein foods for weight loss

11. Quinoa

Foods high in proteins

Quinoa is high in proteins and it is a good source of vitamins and minerals like magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus. (4)

It contains amino acid lysine, which helps you burn fat and which is important for your bones and skin.

Also, quinoa has the highest level of betaine, a compound that shuts down the genes that are responsible for fatty tissues.

12. Chia seeds

Chia seeds for weight loss

Chia seeds reduce your appetite and you feel less hungry which, of course, helps you lose weight. (5)

The fibers make you feel full because they absorb a large amount of water and they spread quickly in the stomach after eating.

13. Nuts

Foods high in proteins Nuts

Nuts are one of the best weight loss snacks. (6)

All nuts contain healthy fats and proteins and that’s why they are an inevitable part of a vegetarian and vegan diet.

Best fat burning foods for weight loss

14. Cayenne pepper

Fat burning foods cayenne pepper

Spicy food, i.e. the ingredients of spicy food like capsaicin and piperine can promote fat burning. (7)

Capsaicin helps the weight loss process by suppressing your appetite, speeding up your metabolism, and increasing body temperature.

Piperine is also a good natural fat burner (it’s found in black pepper).

It improves digestion and it helps burn fat faster.

15. Apple cider vinegar

apple cider vinegar for weight loss

One of the most famous drinks for weight loss. (8)

It increases carb-burning up to 40% which leads to burning fat faster.

16. Cinnamon

Honey and cinnamon

It is one of the most powerful spices.

Cinnamon improves the function of insulin and reduces food cravings.

Also, it is a great metabolism booster and fat burner.

Read more about cinnamon for weight loss here.

Natural appetite suppressants

17. Flaxseeds

Flaxseed for weight loss

Flaxseeds are high in Omega – 3 fatty acids and fibers which help you stay full for a long time.

They contain water-soluble fibers mucilage which keeps you fed for a longer time.

18. Ginger

Natural appetite suppressants - ginger

It suppresses appetite, boosts metabolism and improves digestion. (9)

The active compound gingerol, which can be found in fresh ginger root, is one of the most powerful natural appetite suppressants.

Gingerol balances the level of leptin (satiety hormone) which reduces uncontrollable hunger.

Best drinks for weight loss (10)

19. Water

Drinking water to lose weight

If you want to get rid of your love handles drink at least 10 glasses of water per day. (11)

That way you will always stay hydrated and fresh.

Drinking two glasses of water before every meal can help you lose up to 300 calories per day.

You can fool your stomach that you are full when you drink water and you will eat less food.

20. Green tea

Green tea for weight loss

Green tea is low in calories and it can suppress your hunger and speed up metabolism. (12)

21. Coffee


Caffeine can suppress your appetite and boost your metabolism by up to 10%.

Coffee can also promote fat burning.

Foods that boost metabolism (13)

22. Poultry

Chicken breasts

Poultry, especially turkey is a great source of protein, which helps you build muscle mass, it decreases your appetite, and it makes you feel full longer.

All of that contributes to healthy, fast metabolism.

23. Eggs

Egg yolk

Eggs are one of the best protein sources.

They contain all nine amino acids your metabolism needs to work faster.

24. Dairy products

fresh cheese

Another way to speed up the metabolism in order to lose weight is by consuming dairy products.

These products are effective due to the combination of calcium with other substances from milk.

That combination gives signals to your body to speed up the consumption of calories.

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