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PhenGold Review: Is this an Effective OTC Phentermine Alternative?

Phengold review

Phentermine is a weight loss drug, that works as an appetite suppressant.

It suppresses your hunger and reduces your daily calorie intake. (1)

A suppressed appetite and a weight loss program designed by your doctor leads to losing weight.

So, the Phentermine weight loss pill works.

But, there is another side to that.

Although Phentermine features sound nice and effective, you can buy this pill only with a prescription issued by your doctor.

And in most cases, you cannot get phentermine unless you are morbidly obese.

Even in that case, Phentermine can be used as short-term therapy due to the stressful effect it has on your body and the numerous side effects like passing out, chest pain, nausea, difficulty breathing… (2)

So, you can see why it is better to find an alternative to Phentermine.

What to use instead?

Luckily, there are some supplements that work like Phentermine but without side effects.

And one of them is PhenGold.

PhenGold Review

Phengold review

PhenGold is one of the best natural alternatives to Phentermine.

How does it work?

Besides suppressing your appetite, PhenGold will boost fat burning rate and metabolism.

Of course, it is made of natural ingredients.

The mix of ingredients in PhenGold will boost your calorie-burning rate so your body will burn fat for a longer period.

So, PhenGold will stop binge eating, help you burn fat faster, and burn more calories during the day thanks to the boosted metabolism.

PhenGold ingredients

As I said this is a 100% natural product.

You can see the complete list here:

  • Green Coffee – reduces the absorption of fat and glucose from the food you eat
  • Green tea – one of the best natural appetite suppressants, it prevents overeating
  • L-tyrosine – an amino acid that improves your focus and concentration and it reduces stress so you can lose weight more easily
  • Cayenne pepper – important for thermogenesis, a process in which your body burns fat effectively, one of the best fat burners
  • Rhodiola – an herb that is an effective natural fat burner, also improves endurance
  • L-theanine – an amino acid that boosts metabolism

All ingredients are clinically tested.

Phengold ingredients

PhenGold dosage

Phengold dosage

PhenGold comes in capsules.

You should take 3 per day.

It is best to take them before your workout.

Actually, PhenGold works best when combined with moderate exercise.

Take the capsules with food.

If you don’t exercise take 3 capsules of PhenGold with breakfast.

You should use it for 3-6 months for the best results.

PhenGold safety

This is a natural supplement, so side effects are rare.

It is one of the safest products on the market.

Definitely, it is much safer than Phentermine.

Of course, follow the dosage rules, and check out every ingredient.

Phengold Review: Testimonials, Before and After

Here you can see testimonials of people that used Phengold:

Phengold testimonials

Where to buy PhenGold?

You can buy PhenGold on the official website.

You can find out more about the studies that prove the effectiveness of PhenGold’s ingredients.

The price for a one month package is 64.95$.

The best deal is to buy a 2 months supply, you will get another one for free for 129.90$.

Also, you can buy a 3 months supply and you will get another 2 for 184.85 USD.

You get free shipping and a 100-day money-back guarantee.


So, what’s the bottom line?

Phengold dosage

PhenGold is a really good natural alternative to Phentermine, especially if you want to burn fat layers.

It will boost your metabolism and calorie-burning rate.

Also, PhenGold will prevent overeating, which is the most common cause of those extra pounds.

The most important thing is that Phengold is a safe supplement, unlike Phentermine.

But don’t expect a magic wand that will make the extra pounds disappear overnight.

Phengold is effective only as an addition to a healthy lifestyle.

You can find out more here:


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