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What are the Side Effects of Weight Loss and How to Avoid It?

Weight loss side effects

There are many benefits of losing weight.

You are more energized, you look better; the chances of getting diabetes or becoming obese are lower, etc.

But, losing a lot of pounds can result in some strange side effects.

Although the benefits outnumber the side effects, they can slow you down or your progress and discourage you on the way to a healthier body.

These are some of the weight loss side effects you need to consider if you are planning to start some rigorous diet. (1)

9 most common weight loss side effects:

1. Depression

Although you need to feel more self-confident and happier with every pound you lose, that sometimes isn’t the case.

Why do you feel depressed?

That happens because you have too high expectations and the diet isn’t making you lose weight as fast as you’d like.

How to avoid this?

You can try to sleep more and eat healthier food that will help you control your appetite.

Also, be satisfied even with the smallest progress.

Don’t forget- a journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.

2.  Loose skin

How to get rid of a loose skin after weight loss?

Unfortunately, burning body fat doesn’t mean getting tighter skin.

If you experience rapid weight loss your skin may become loose.

Why does this happen?

Your skin stretches to adjust when you gain weight and when you lose fat it needs time to go back.

How to avoid this?

To have an elastic skin you need to have:

A healthy, balanced diet, your skin needs to be moisturized, and you need to have good blood circulation.

In some extreme cases, people may go for plastic surgery, but mostly it’s enough to start exercising and building muscles.

Read more about loose skin after weight loss here.

3. A break-up

Believe it or not, this is a very common thing.


If you and your partner work together on improving your looks, that can increase the chances of getting there.

But, if you are alone on that journey then your relationship may suffer.

When one of the partners changes their look, sometimes their relationship ends.

How to avoid this?

Try to explain your partner why you want to lose weight and make sure he/she is involved in your journey.

4. Stomach ache

Many people who lose a lot of weight fast get bladder stones or gallstones.

Why does this happen?

If you stop eating fats, your urine becomes more concentrated and it may develop stones that cause pain.

How to avoid this?

Make sure you eat fats so that your body works normally.

5.  Junk food cravings

Foods to avoid when trying to lose weight faster

It’s totally normal to crave for certain food.

You usually crave more for junk food when you are on a diet.

How to avoid this?

To prevent craving, choose food that will make you feel full for a longer time.

Choose fiber, proteins, and healthy fats.

6. Losing muscles

When you are losing weight by not eating some ingredients, two-thirds of the weight you lose are fats and one-third are muscles.

That will make your skin look loose and you will lose muscles that are necessary to burn calories.

How to avoid this?

Maintain the level of proteins you intake and make sure it doesn’t decrease drastically.

7. Increased appetite

You may feel hungrier because you intake fewer calories, but mainly the reason for that is your metabolism which is not used to the new diet regime yet.

How to avoid this?

Go to the gym, walk, hike, or swim.

That way you will not feel hungry all the time.

Read more about how to suppress your appetite here.

8. Weight loss plateau

You’ve lost 10 pounds easily, and then 5 more just like that, and then you can’t lose another pound.

Weight loss plateau is a sign that you need to change something.

How to avoid this?

Change your diet or your exercising, whatever is slowing down your weight loss process and you will make progress.

Read how to overcome weight loss plateau here.

9. Being nervous

You’ve lost a few pounds, which is great, but you snap at your friends, partner or children.

You can blame the lack of carbs in your diet for that.

The lack of carbs can make your brain forget about being nice to the people around you.

How to avoid this?

Try to eat carbs in small amounts and make sure not to exaggerate.

Feel free to have a cheat day once in 10 days and eat a piece of cake.


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