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8 Best Spices for Weight Loss

Best spices for weight loss

It’s well known that the food you eat or you don’t eat has an important role in weight loss.

But, it’s also important what kind of spices you put on your food.

Many herbs and spices have been used as a natural aid for burning fat and losing weight for hundreds of years.

You may think spices only give flavor to your food, but they are high in antioxidants, essential oils and other substances that help you lose weight.

However, they aren’t magical and you won’t lose weight overnight just by using them, but you will notice a positive effect if you use them regularly.

And it’s very easy to include them in your diet.

So, let’s start.

Best spices for weight loss:

1. Cayenne pepper

Fat burning foods cayenne pepper

People use it all around the world as a spice for many dishes.

It contains capsaicin, a compound that gives spiciness, but it has many health benefits.

Capsaicin can speed up your metabolism and your body will burn more calories during the day.

It can also reduce your hunger.

Eating capsaicin reduces the level of ghrelin, a hormone responsible for stimulating hunger.

It is one of the best fat-burning foods. (1)

2. Ginger

How to use ginger for weight loss

Ginger is a great ally in the battle against those extra pounds. (2)

Eating ginger significantly reduces weight and fat around the belly.

Also, it speeds up your metabolism which leads to burning fat and suppressing your appetite.

Its active ingredient, gingerol, has a thermogenic effect, meaning it speeds up your metabolism and boosts the fat-burning process.

Furthermore, ginger contains strong antioxidants and it has anti-inflammatory properties which means it enhances the elimination of piled up toxins in your body.

Thanks to that your organs will work flawlessly and that eases the process of burning extra calories.

3. Nettle


The flavonoids in nettle extract are very important for getting rid of water retention and cellulite.

Dry nettle extract enhances the process of getting rid of water which is trapped between fat layers and cellulite.

That speeds up the lipolysis process, the process of breaking down fat layers and the elimination of toxins, as well.

Detoxication helps get rid of fat tissue and cellulite and it gives your skin a younger and better look.

In addition, nettle extract stimulates the work of your liver which makes the detox process even more intensive.

4. Oregano


We will skip pizza in this weight loss article, but we won’t skip oregano!

It contains carvacrol, a powerful compound which is really good for weight loss.

It has a direct effect on some specific genes and proteins that control the synthesis of fats in your body.

5. Turmeric

Turmeric root

The presence of curcumin, a chemical that has been studied due to its effect on many things from inflammation to weight loss, gives turmeric many health benefits. (3)

Curcumin is an antioxidant that affects the reduction of fat tissue.

This substance alongside the polyphenols in turmeric, helps you burn fat faster, which is great for preventing obesity.

Eating turmeric twice a day during 1 month can help you burn fat, reduce fat layers, and lose weight up to 5%.

6. Black pepper

Healthy weight loss

Black pepper contains the powerful compound piperin which gives its specific flavor and it helps in the weight loss process.

Eating piperin, i.e. black pepper can help you lose weight.

7. Cinnamon

Honey and cinnamon

It’s high in antioxidants and it has many health benefits.

Cinnamon is one of the best weight loss superfoods.

It is definitely one of the best spices for weight loss.

It’s really efficient when it comes to regulating blood sugar levels which helps to reduce your appetite and hunger.

Cinnamon can also reduce the level of certain digestive enzymes to slow down the drastic drop of carbs in your body.

It’s the perfect spice for tea or desserts because of its nice taste.

Read more about cinnamon for weight loss here.

8. Ginseng

Ginseng root

Using ginseng regularly can significantly boost your metabolism.

Its effect on weight loss is well known.

Thanks to its active ingredients, this popular spice improves the absorption of insulin and it helps to regulate blood sugar levels.

Besides, it suppresses appetite and speeds up your metabolism which boosts the calorie-burning process.

So, what’s the bottom line?

The anti-inflammatory and detox properties of these best spices for weight loss can help you a lot in the fat-burning process.

Spices that burn fat can help you maintain your ideal weight by improving your metabolism, suppressing hunger, and reducing fat layers.

These spices are high in nutrients and they are very healthy and safe to use.


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