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10 Biggest Weight Loss Myths

10 biggest weight loss myths

Overweight is a very big problem all over the world.

Literally, there are a million tips on how to lose weight.

But also there are myths and misconceptions about weight loss. (1)

Here you can see the most common myths about losing those extra pounds.

10 Biggest Weight Loss Myths:

1. Starve yourself

Starving is not the solution.

If you don’t intake enough food, your body will be exhausted and you will gain back the weight just days after your diet.

You need to find a balanced diet that you can adjust to on the long run, and that will allow you to lose weight without starving.

2. Spend hours at the gym

On the contrary!

You shouldn’t exaggerate with anything, and that goes for exercising as well.

If you spend hours at the gym doing the same exercises all over again your body gets used to the moves and your workout becomes less effective.

Instead, try to do short exercises and change them so that your body doesn’t get used to the same moves.

3. You will lose weight if you drink 20 glasses of water per day

Water is necessary of course, but you shouldn’t exaggerate.

Moderate and right consumption of water can help you lose weight, but exaggerating can’t bring anything good.

Water is a good appetite suppressant and it can help you feel less hungry for a longer time, but it’s a myth that the more water you drink the more pounds you lose.

It’s good to drink a glass of water before breakfast.

The optimal amount of water during the day should be 8-10 glasses of water (depending on your weight and how active you are).

4. The more you sweat the more effective your workout is

I’ve heard countless times that if you sweat a lot during your workout you will burn more calories.

But, that’s not really true.

Actually, you burn more calories if you work out harder.

Heavy sweating can make you think you are exercising properly, but to burn more calories your muscles need to work hard, your heart rate needs to increase, and your breathing needs to accelerate.

That’s why cardio exercises are very good for weight loss.

5. Only low-fat foods are good for weight loss

Low-fat foods are good for most of the diet regimes but only if they are completely natural.


Because industrially processed food that says it’s low-fat and low in calories, usually contains a big amount of sugar.

So, you think you eat good quality food when you actually intake more calories than you imagine.

6. It’s necessary to have a big breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.


But that doesn’t mean you should eat whatever you want.

It’s important to have a well-balanced breakfast and to intake enough fiber and proteins.

Look at my list of the best food for breakfast here.

7. You can’t lose weight if you have a cheat day

Cheat day is sometimes good for you.

You can lose weight even if you don’t give up on fast food.

Pizza or hamburger once in two weeks is allowed.

The thing is your diet needs to be based on cooked meals and healthy food.

8. You can eat healthy food as much as you want


Nutritious ingredients high in vitamins are usually high in calories.

For example, nuts which are a great weight loss snack are high in calories and you need to intake them moderately.

Moreover, banana is an excellent snack, but don’t exaggerate since it’s high in carbs.

Don’t eat big amounts even of healthy foods.

9. You don’t need to watch your weight if you exercise

Oh, this happens a lot.

When women start exercising they forget to watch their diet because they think they burn enough calories during their workout.


Exercising is not enough if you intake too much food after training, especially if that food is unhealthy.

For instance, half an hour running can burn up to 300 calories but don’t treat yourself with a cheeseburger, french fries and chocolate cake after that.

That food together contains more than 700 calories which makes your running ineffective.

10. All food high in carbs is bad

White flour and sugar food is definitely the wrong choice if you are on a diet.

But, not all food high in carbs is bad.

For example, legumes and wholegrain cereals like brown rice and brown bread contain carbs that your body needs.

So, you should avoid sweets, white bread, sodas for sure, but some fruits, cereals, and vegetables are very good although they contain carbs.


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