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Drinking Water to Lose Weight: Is It Helpful?

Drinking water to lose weight

Last updated: March 6, 2019 at 15:28 pm

One drink that can help you get rid of extra pounds it’s everywhere around you and it’s of course water.

If you are trying to eat healthily and you exercise regularly, but you still haven’t lost weight, there’s a possibility that you aren’t drinking enough water.

People don’t drink enough water and this happens a lot and that maybe the reason why you can’t lose weight.

So, drinking water to lose weight maybe isn’t just a myth. (1)

How can water help you slim down?

Water gives your body its necessary energy and it makes you more active.

It can help the weight loss process in many ways.

The most important feature water has when it comes to weight loss is the ability to speed up your metabolism.

Water also helps with inflammations and muscle pain during exercising.

Moreover, you might think you are hungry very often and you want to snack something when actually you are thirsty.

When you feel like eating something drink 1-2 glasses of water and wait for 10 minutes, it’s very probable that your hunger will disappear.

So, water is a good appetite suppressant.

However, if you still feel hungry eat a healthy salad instead of salty snacks and sweets.

In addition, water decreases your body mass index.

If you drink enough water you will eat less and drink fewer beverages full of calories.

Water can help you burn fats.

You can burn about 50% more calories after drinking water than after drinking other drinks high in calories.

Drinking cold water means that your body spends more energy to heat it to reach your body temperature.

So, your body needs to burn 7 calories to heat a glass of water.

If you drink 10 glasses of cold water daily, you will easily burn 490 calories in a week.

Water is one of the best weight loss drinks.

How to drink water to lose weight?

You might be wondering:

Well, you don’t need to tell me how to drink water. I just grab the glass and drink.

Of course you know how to drink the glass of water, but I want to tell you how much water do you need and how often you need to drink it.

Some people forget to drink water or they drink it in small amounts.

That’s wrong, of course since you compensate water with coffee, sodas and similar.

How to make yourself drink water?

For starters, try to drink more water than usual.

When you wake up in the morning and when you go to sleep at night drink 2 big glasses of water.

Add 1 glass of water before and after exercising or any other activity.

Also, drink 2 glasses of water before every meal.

How much water do you need?

How much water do you need to drink to lose weight?

There’s one rule that says drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

But, it’s not that simple.

You need to take into consideration many different factors that define how much water you need.

It’s logical that the amount of water depends on your weight and how physically active you are during the day.

Besides, when it’s warmer you lose more fluid by sweating so you need to compensate for that.

Hence, don’t strictly follow recommendations such as 8 glasses of water a day because sometimes you need to increase that number.

If you want to increase your chances of losing weight successfully you need to take into account your body weight and to determine how much water you need to drink.

Here you can see what is the amount of water to drink to lose weight according to your weight:

  • If you weigh 100-120 pounds – you need 10 glasses of water,
  • 120 – 150 pounds – 12 glasses of water,
  • Between 150 – 200 pounds – 15 glasses of water,
  • Over 200 pounds – at least 17 glasses of water.

Note, these are indicative values.

Everything depends on your lifestyle, physical activity, other fluids you drink.

So, what’s the bottom line?

Well, drinking water to lose weight can definitely be helpful.

You can’t lose weight by just drinking water, but you can speed up the process.

Of course, you need water for normal functioning, but when it comes to weight loss you need to increase the amount you drink.

Water will boost your metabolism and increase the fat burning.

You won’t need sweet drinks if you drink a lot of water, so that will decrease the number of calories you intake.

You have your own individual needs, however, nutritionists agree that 8-10 glasses of water a day should be enough to improve your weight loss process.

This applies to an average person that wants to lose a few pounds.

Our advice is to listen to your body and see when it tells you that you are thirsty.

If you feel thirsty after 8 glasses of water consider whether you drink water properly.

And the most important thing, you should drink water during the day in small amounts (a glass, or two, not a whole bottle at once).


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