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How Can Coffee Help You With Weight Loss?

Coffee for weight loss

When you hear the word coffee you might think about waking up with coffee or having one with your friends at your favorite coffee bar.

Although many think that drinking coffee is bad for you, I have good news for coffee lovers.

Coffee can help you with weight loss, too.

But, you need to drink it moderately.

Let’s see how you can use coffee for weight loss.

How can coffee affect weight loss?

Coffee is high in zinc, magnesium, manganese, B-vitamin, chromium and many other vitamins and minerals that positively affect your metabolism, regulate your blood sugar levels, reduce your appetite and fatigue, and help with stress.

All these things help burn fat.

Also, drinking coffee before meals helps to prevent overeating and gaining extra pounds.

Coffee is one of the best natural appetite suppressants. (1)

The most important ingredient for weight loss in coffee is definitely caffeine. (2)

Caffeine is good when you exercise since it gives you energy.

Furthermore, it makes you feel stronger and feel less pain during your workout, so you can exercise longer and burn more fat and calories.

One of the reasons for obesity is stress. (3)

How can coffee help with this?

Stress is inevitable nowadays and it affects the production of the hormone cortisol in your body.

It encourages gaining weight, but the combination of nutrients found in coffee reduces stress and regulates the levels of cortisol.

Coffee can also help you eat more healthily.


Many people can’t imagine starting their day without coffee.

It tastes great and most of us need it to wake up.

Coffee, i.e. caffeine, positively affects your mind, it makes you feel awake which can help you decide better when it comes to choosing food.

What is the best time to have coffee for weight loss?

As I mentioned, coffee speeds up your metabolism and it’s good to drink it right after your meal, especially if you are having a big, caloric meal.

It’s a good idea to drink coffee before your workout.

The caffeine in coffee will boost your energy.

Coffee for weight loss – Most important tips:

Don’t replace breakfast with coffee

Breakfast is the most important meal, but people tend to drink coffee instead of eating breakfast, and they usually eat some pastry with it or unhealthy snacks. (4)

Tip: Don’t drink coffee first thing in the morning. Drink it after eating a healthy, nutritious breakfast.

Drink coffee before your workout

You can increase your endurance by drinking coffee since it helps burn more fatty acids and that way you will improve your endurance after using up all glycogen stores.

Don’t add calories in coffee

Many think that coffee doesn’t have many calories.

That’s true, but only for black coffee.

Different kinds of 2in1 coffee, chocolate cappuccino, or coffees with syrups have a lot of calories.

Tip: If you want to lose weight forget about sugar, cream, and additives. Choose a classic black coffee without milk.

Don’t exaggerate

If you love coffee and you want to use it for weight loss, be careful- don’t exaggerate.

Too much coffee can make you nervous, trembly and can cause serious health problems.

Tip: Drink 2-3 coffees a day. Experts recommend drinking coffee between meals, before 6 pm.

So, what’s the bottom line?

Coffee is high in minerals and vitamins.

It has caffeine which makes you feel awake, reduces stress, and boosts your workout.

It positively affects your nervous system, but don’t add milk, sugar, and cream, and of course, don’t drink too much coffee because it can harm you.

So, coffee can help you with weight loss, but it definitely shouldn’t be your #1 weight loss tactic.

The most important things are proper diet and physical activity.


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