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Breakfast for Weight Loss: 5 Reasons Why Is Important

Breakfast for weight loss

Last updated: March 3, 2019 at 21:18 pm

Doctors and nutritionists constantly say that a healthy, balanced breakfast is the most important meal.

That’s absolutely true.

A balanced breakfast can help you stay fit.

When you start your day with a healthy breakfast you provide your body with energy and you are on the right way to lose extra weight.

Breakfast is essential for good digestion, maintaining a healthy weight and losing weight, too.

Here are 5 reasons why breakfast for weight loss is a good tactic:

You won’t overeat

Skipping breakfast can lead to overeating.

And overeating is one of the main reasons for gaining weight.

Why is that so?

Namely, if you don’t get enough energy (read calories) for your body in the morning you will feel tired and hungry later.

And when you find yourself feeling like that it’s easy to lose control and eat more than necessary.

That’s why you should eat in the morning until you feel full.

You won’t eat late at night

The worst thing for your figure is to eat late at night, right before sleeping.

Your body and your digestive system should rest at night, hence it’s not very smart to overwhelm them with heavy food before going to bed.

Besides, you won’t spend those late night calories and they will turn into fat layers on your belly.

If you start the day with a healthy breakfast and you eat a few small meals during the day, you are less likely to overeat at night.

You will have a healthy relationship with food

You are probably thinking that the only way to lose pounds is to eat less.

This kind of thinking is often wrong and it can lead to health problems.

The best way to maintain your weight is to eat every few hours, but smaller meals.

You will keep your metabolism busy and calories won’t pile up.

You should have at least 3 main meals and 2 snacks during the day.

Also, it’s important to choose healthy ingredients- eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and avoid junk food.

Including breakfast in your daily routine will improve your relationship with food and you will understand how important breakfast is for your body.

You will enjoy your favorite ingredients

If you include breakfast in the morning, it might become your favorite part of the day.

It’s important to be healthy and balanced.

But, since it’s in the morning sometimes you can choose ingredients that you love eating even though they aren’t very healthy.

That means that you can eat pancakes with maple syrup, an omelet, or a fruit salad with greek yogurt once in a while.

You can add honey, cinnamon, peanut butter and you will still have a healthy meal.

Read my list of the best foods for breakfast.

Breakfast is the best way to get energy

Your weight depends a lot on when you eat, and the morning is the best part of the day to get energy from your food.

Listen to your body and eat when you are really hungry.

If you eat when you are bored, sad, or agitated, the time isn’t right and your body doesn’t really need that food.

Your body needs ‘fuel’ right in the morning since you burn energy during the night and you need to renew it before you start with your activities.

Best breakfasts for weight loss:

Healthy weight loss breakfast

All you need is fibers, proteins, and healthy fats.

Get yourself a breakfast that will be a combination of nutrients that burn calories.

That means you need a meal with 5-10 fibers from carbs, about 14-20 g of proteins and 7-13 g of healthy fats.

The fibers from that kind of meal provide water absorption so you will be full for a longer time and you won’t overeat on your next meal because you were starving.

In addition, fibers are good for digestion and you won’t be bloated.

When your digestive tract works properly your body absorbs more nutrients that will give you energy for exercising.

Moreover, the proteins and healthy fats slow down the breakdown of fibers, sugars, and carbs, so your blood sugar level is normal and it doesn’t vary.

A stable blood sugar level means that you will avoid impulsive overeating, you will choose healthier ingredients, and you won’t reach for unhealthy snacks and sweets.

Here are some healthy breakfast recipes for weight loss:

  • 1 spoon whey protein, 1 medium apple, 2 spoons almond butter
  • a slice of wholemeal toast, 3 spoons mashed avocado, 1 boiled egg
  • 1 small cup berries smoothie, 180 ml greek yogurt, 1 spoon chia seeds, 1 spoon almond butter
  • half a cup oatmeal mixed with half teaspoon whey protein, 1/5 spoon nuts (almonds are a great choice) and half a cup of berries
  • 180 ml greek yogurt with half a cup of cereals, 50 g berries, apple or pear, and 5 walnuts.

So, what’s the bottom line?

If you provide energy for your body early in the morning, you will skip food craving during the day and late at night.

Regular and healthy meals are vital for every healthy and slim body. (1)

Start your day with a healthy breakfast made of some whole grains, yogurt, oatmeal or fruit.

These foods will boost your metabolism and you will burn calories.

Skipping meals leads to storing fat in your body.


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