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6 Diets You Should Avoid if You Care About Your Health

Diets you should avoid

Last updated: October 7, 2019 at 7:47 am

Let’s get this clear.

Obesity is a disease and it shortens your life, but many women make mistakes when it comes to eating which leads to being overweight and obese.

And when they realize they’ve gained weight they make another mistake, influenced by adverts, they try the so-called miraculous, fast diets.

You can notice that every day some new diet appears and women are eager to try it.

The keto diet, the protein diet, the paleo, no meat diet are some of the most popular diets recently.

Some of these diets can help you.

You can read more about the best diets for weight loss here.

However, some diets can be more harmful than helpful. (1)

Every person has different nutritional needs and a pace of life.

That’s why some diets don’t work for everyone.

The most dangerous thing is starving.

Every diet that includes starving has short-term results and your body then weakens significantly.

In addition, diets that exclude one or more groups of ingredients are appropriate for 2-3 weeks because after that period they become harmful.

These are some of the diets that do more harm than good and are currently very popular.

6 diets you should avoid:

Protein diet

It’s based on meat and it’s very popular because you can lose weight fast.

However, the extra proteins burden your kidneys and change the bacterial flora in your guts.

Besides, proteins of animal origin (milk, meat, eggs) are high in saturated fats and cholesterol, which isn’t good for your body.

No meat diet

This diet is potentially dangerous because it can lead to vitamin B12, iron, and protein insufficiency.

An adult needs 1 gram of protein for 2 pounds of body weight daily.

If you don’t intake them through food your body uses its own proteins which eventually can have a bad impact on your health.

Your muscles can become weak, you can easily get tired, your immune system can drop, and you can have problems with memory and concentration.

Vitamin B12 can only be found in animal origin ingredients and just a little in legumes.

It’s important for your metabolism, iron and for making red blood cells.

Lack of iron can cause anemia and tiredness.

Water diet

Stillman’s diet- with this diet you can lose pounds rapidly, even 4-13 pounds a week.

The other name for this diet regime is “water” since it involves 8 glasses of water daily, and it’s mainly based on proteins.

It’s not allowed to intake fruit, vegetables, dairy products, and cereals.

It’s recommended to intake vitamins and minerals-C, B, Folic acid, and potassium while being on this diet.

Taking into consideration that you lose weight fast, you shouldn’t be on this diet for longer than a week because your body might collapse.

Scarsdale diet

This diet can help you lose weight fast, too.

Seventeen pounds in two weeks.

The intake of calories is little, so you don’t eat fat and carbs, and you eat a lot of proteins.

It’s required to intake supplements such as vitamin B, C, and E, and minerals so that your body doesn’t suffer from serious metabolic changes.

It’s important to note that no supplement can replace vitamins and minerals obtained from a diverse diet.

Cambridge diet

Very dangerous, based on liquid proteins, it includes a 330 to 600 calorie intake a day.

This kind of diet is used only in hospitals, supervised by a doctor because of the health changes that can appear when the starving stops and the person gets back to a normal diet.

You may suffer from serious heart problems because of the radical changes of salt and water intake.

Zen macrobiotic diet

It can be very dangerous if you strictly follow it.

Milk is not allowed and calcium is compensated with leafy vegetables, nuts, and soy milk.

There are 10 stages in the diet regime.

It’s based on the yin-yang philosophy.

Yin is the negative approach whereas yang is positive.

To reach balance in your body these opposite energies need to be harmonized, connected, and to complement each other.

The diet starts with no sweets, the intake of liquids is limited, which is risky, and your diet consists of brown rice.

You should eat fresh or dry fruit.

Tropical fruit is yin, and its yang opposite is meat.

Since you can’t eat meat, it’s allowed to eat fish, legumes, and soy products to intake proteins and amino acids.

It’s recommended to take supplements like vitamin B12 and Folic acid.

People who adopt this diet believe that your body can produce vitamins, minerals, and proteins itself, and it can convert one element into another.

It’s extremely dangerous and you shouldn’t try it.

So, what’s the conclusion?

We can’t give up food and we shouldn’t.

If you want an effective weight loss you need to find a proper diet for you.

The goal is to lose pounds, but also to maintain your body weight and avoid the yo-yo effect.

You need to lose fat, but not muscles.

The most important thing is to have healthy diet habits.

We are all different, so not every diet regime is appropriate for everyone.

It’s vital to know when you get up, go to sleep, where you work, how active you are in order to make a good weekly menu.

The point isn’t to cut out your favorite food, but to combine it properly.

You need to have 5 meals a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks.

Breakfast is essential because you need energy in the morning.

The biggest problem is overeating because people feel sleepy when they do this and they can’t work.


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