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Forskolin Reviews: What is it, Side Effects and More

Forskolin reviews

Forskolin 250 is a supplement made of natural ingredients (its main ingredient is a plant related to the mint family).

It is a weight loss supplement that contains 250mg of the herbal plant extract Forskolin.

Forskolin Reviews

Some of the benefits of Forskolin for weight loss listed by the manufacturer:

  • Boosts your metabolism
  • Burns fat
  • Turns up your body temperature to speed up fat burning
  • Increases calorie burning rate

Forskolin 250 Ingredients:

  • Forskolin

Forskolin 250 ingredients


What is Forskolin?

Forskolin is the main and only ingredient of this supplement.

It is a Coleus forskohlii root extract. (1)

And Coleus forskohlii is a plant related to the Mint family.

So, Forskolin is a natural ingredient which may help you reduce unwanted fat and excess weight.


This plant extract boosts the production of cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate),

The cAMP is a molecule that helps to break fats in your cells by increasing the level of the enzyme HSL ( hormone-sensitive lipase).

HSL breaks down stored fat in your cells.

Also, cAMP stimulates your thyroid which improves your metabolism.

Forskolin dosage:

You should take one pill before breakfast and one pill before lunch with two glasses of water.

One bottle contains 60 pills which are enough for one month.

You should take this pill with plenty of water.

My advice is to take it 30 minutes before meals (it may suppress your appetite).

Is Forskolin 250 safe?

It is considered to be safe due to its natural ingredients.

But, pregnant women and minors should not use any sort of pills, including this one.

Forskolin side effects:

There aren’t any significant side effects reported by consumers.

The main reason is that its ingredient is a plant from the mint family.

In rare cases, forskolin may cause blood pressure level drop or increased heart beating.

Forskolin price:

Where to buy Forskolin?

The answer is – on the official website.

The price for one bottle (60 pills) is 44.99 $.

If you want to buy more bottles you get a discount.

Price for 2 bottles is 89.99$ and you get the third one for free.

If you buy 3 bottles for 134.99$ you get 3 more bottles for free.

You get a 60-day money back guarantee.

Shipping is free.


So, what’s the Bottom line?

Forskolin Benefits

It can:

  • Boost your metabolism
  • Speed up calorie burning rate
  • Give you energy
  • Help reduce high blood pressure

Forskolin drawbacks

  • You shouldn’t use it if you are taking medications for regulating blood pressure.
  • It can cause tachycardia (increased heartbeat).
  • It can cause hypotension.

The main advantage of this product is that is completely natural.

Due to that side effects are very rare.

That’s way Forskolin 250 in our list of the best weight loss supplements for women.

So, can Forskolin help you lose weight? Does Forskolin work?

When it comes to effectiveness I must say that you can’t expect magical results fast.

The manufacturer says that it takes several weeks to get visible results.

In my opinion, you should expect good results after 3-6 months.

It takes a while to lose weight, so don’t get disappointed if you don’t lose weight overnight.

To sum up, Forskolin 250 is not as effective as PhenQ, but it can help you if your goal is moderate weight loss.

I recommend the 2+1 package or 3+3 if you decide to try this product.

Forskolin is not a substitute for a proper diet and exercising, however, you can take it into consideration if you are looking for an alternative weight loss aid.


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