GRIT Cardio – The Challenge And Intensity You Need To Get Results Fast

Grit cardio

Last updated: March 31, 2018 at 10:28 am

People always search for a challenge.

That goes with exercising, as well.

Everyone wants to step into the gym, do 60 minutes of exercise and feel energized and powerful afterward.

Well, that’s possible with grit cardio.

What is GRIT cardio?

Grit cardioLess Mills GRIT cardio is a 30-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) which improves your cardiovascular endurance, accelerates your movements and makes your body burn calories long after your training.

This cardio workout combines exercises with your own weight which makes it more challenging and you are likely to obtain higher intensity for a shorter period of time.

You should play powerful, upbeat music which motivates you during the training to obtain better results.

BodyAttack, a high-intensity training which combines athletic movements and activation of all muscles is also an excellent way of training.

BodyAtack helps you burn as many calories as possible for a very short time.

With this training, you can improve your coordination.

BodyAttack is recommended both for beginners and experienced athletes because of its unique training style.

GRIT cardio for beginners should involve medium intensity training, such as BodyAttack for the first 6-8 weeks, and then it should include grit cardio.

GRIT cardio is not recommended more than twice a week since the training intensity is very high and the recovery period can take time.

If the recovery isn’t adequate the results won’t be good and you might get hurt.

After GRIT you can try CrossFit.

GRIT cardio benefits

  • Increases your aerobic capacity
  • Accelerates the burning of body fat
  • Builds your strength
  • Increases your muscular endurance
  • It can help you burn belly fat

How to find motivation?

High-intensity interval trainingLatest research shows that 50% of people leave their fitness center after 3 months of exercising whereas 70% of people do the same after 6 months.

People start exercising because they want to achieve certain results and usually, they set unrealistic goals.

When they don’t reach their goals they get disappointed and demotivated.

So, to avoid this you need to find a good trainer and make a training plan.

Set realistic goals which you can reach for a certain time.

You will have good results if you train regularly and have an appropriate diet.

Grit cardio and nutrition

When we say nutrition don’t think about diets and cutting down meals.

If you want your exercising to be successful and to achieve good results you need to eat regularly and your food needs to be varied.

Eat food high in protein and high in fiber at the same time every day and you will be fit.

Also, if you want to do fitness more seriously you can include some of the numerous protein supplements to your diet.

Grit cardio workout example


Set 1:
Floor Touch Squat
Wide-to-Narrow Push-Up
Tap Floor, Squat Jump
Full Tuck Crunch

Set 2:
Forward and Backward Lunge
Tricep Dip and Hip Lift
Kneel to High Skip
Bicycle Crunch

Set 3:
Bridge Scissor
Swimming Plank
Diagonal Squat Thrust
Toe Touch Beetle Crunch

Set 4:
Lateral Lunge to Knee Drive
Inverted Push-Up
Skater With Single-Leg Squat
Vertical Leg Lift

Set 5:
Plank Walkout and Punch
Tick-Tock Squat Thrust
Rock-Up to Single-Knee

To sum up: There are 5 sets, with 30 seconds break between each set.
Each exercise has to be completed in 30 seconds, followed by 30 seconds of Jumping Jacks.


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