What is Crossfit and Can it Help You Lose Weight?

What is CrossFit?

When it comes to exercising trends change often and there are many new programs for exercising that people are trying out.

Lately, everyone is talking about the CrossFit workout and it has become an immediate trend.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit s one of the most popular regimens nowadays.

This type of workout can help you get fitter, burn calories and fat, build muscles, and strengthen your body.

So, there are many CrossFit weight loss benefits.

CrossFit is based on strength and endurance exercises.

It’s a very intensive workout consisted of 3 types of exercises:

  • Lifting exercises-weightlifting, powerlifting, deadlift, squats and other weightlifting exercises
  • Bodyweight – gymnastic exercises with your own weight, an additional weight is not added.
  • Cardio workouts – paddling, running, swimming.

In CrossFit program, you need to repeat a certain number of exercises during a certain period.

These exercises that include different combinations and an intensity of exercising that varies improve your appearance, endurance, flexibility, coordination, and they make you burn calories fast.

As you can see, CrossFit is a great way to lose extra pounds.

Who can try CrossFit?


It doesn’t matter if you are a professional athlete or a beginner.

If you find a good trainer you will get the intensity and complexity of the level that matches your physical condition.

When can you expect visible results?

Only after a few weeks, you can notice that you are doing everyday activities much easier.

Also, you can lose weight quickly, build muscles, and move easily.

I know some people who lost up to 40 pounds in 3 or 4 months.

The CrossFit workout requires a slow beginning, but you need to be committed and work hard.

In addition, you need to eat healthy food to get better results.

Make a diet plan, training and organization plan and the results won’t lack.

So, what’s the bottom line?

CrossFit is an intensive workout that highly involves your muscles and because of that, it has many advantages for people that are average when it comes to working out.

The biggest advantage of this regimen is burning lots of calories over a short period of time (and boosting testosterone for men).

So, CrossFit can help you lose weight.

However, this high-intensity training has disadvantages, too.

You can hurt yourself easily if you don’t exercise properly.

It’s very important to prepare and talk with a professional fitness trainer that can explain to you how to do the exercises before you decide to do them. (1)

If you are physically inactive it’s better to start with a lighter program, then with HIIT GRIT cardio and cardio workouts and in the end, try CrossFit.


Watch how a CrossFit training looks like:

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