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What to Eat to Lose Weight Depending on Body Shape?

What to Eat to Lose Weight Depending on Body Shape?

The shape of your body is important for more than just how to dress.

A diet according to your body shape is a special regime that tells you how your body reacts to the food you eat and what your hormonal characteristics are.

Also, your body shape helps you determine what are the best exercises for weight loss for you.

There are several body shapes depending on the looks.

Actually, there are 3 most common body shapes: apple body shape, pear body shape, and hourglass body shape.

So, it depends on your body shape what you should do and what type of diet you should have to get rid of fat on specific body parts.

Losing weight is never easy.

There is no universal recipe for that.

There are general rules like exercising, changing diet habits, etc.

But there’s another factor that is usually neglected.

Namely, your diet can be more efficient if you adjust it to your body shape. (1)

As I said, most women have an apple, pear, or hourglass body shape.

So, let’s start.

What to eat to lose weight depending on body shape?

1. Apple body shape (endomorph)

Apple body shape

Women with this body shape usually have fat layers around the waist, stomach, and hips.

The most common problems for this body shape are higher levels of cholesterol and cortisol (the stress hormone).

If you have the apple body shape you should often do stretching exercises.

Also, try yoga.

Nutrition tips

Try to avoid carbs especially pasta, bread, and pastry.

Increase the intake of cereal and legumes.

Eat orange or grapefruit for breakfast.

Reduce the intake of pork and beef; eat chicken, turkey breast, fish instead.

Use honey instead of sugar (just a little bit).

Eat nuts for snacks.

Drink green tea and plenty of water.

2. Pear body shape (ectomorph)

Pear body shape

This body shape is characterized by wide hips, full buttocks, and a slim waist.

Cellulite is the biggest problem for this body shape.

You should try doing yoga, meditation, jogging, running, cycling, planking.

Also, you can exercise at the gym but hire a personal trainer first.

Nutrition tips

Avoid sodas, sweets, nuts, butter, potatoes, and rice.

Eat high fiber foods, fruits, low-fat yogurt.

Avoid fatty foods.

Eat low-fat dairy products, tuna, salmon, apples, green vegetables, tomatoes.

3. Hourglass body shape (mesomorph)

Hourglass body shape

If your shoulders and hips are about the same size and your waist is smaller, then you have the hourglass body shape.

Since the size of your chest and hips is almost equal fat layers are distributed evenly.

This body shape is prone to weight gain.

But, on the bright side, it’s easy to lose weight for this body shape.

You should do something like Zumba, Pilates, Aerobics, CrossFit, HIIT.

Nutrition tips

You should avoid avocado, nuts, and sweets.

Eat high protein foods like chicken and turkey breast, eggs, and low-fat dairy products.

Eat green vegetables.

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