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5 Unusual Tips To Lose Weight Fast Before Summer

Tips to lose weight fast

Last updated: June 7, 2018 at 8:39 am

The spring is normally the period when you stand in front of the mirror and finally confront yourself with the truth if you are brave enough.

Things like extra fat, too tight dresses, feeling bloated, wishing to have just a few pounds less are one of the problems that might worry you.

Everyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows that it’s impossible to cut down pounds and size overnight. However, if you combine the right ingredients the results will be surprising.

Besides the usual tips to lose weight fast  – eat less, count calories, exercise, intermittent fasting and drink water, today you will read about some ingredients which can be very effective when you want to lose weight and probably you haven’t read much about them.

These 5 ingredients are the answer to your prayers and the right way to your ideal body figure.

So, stay tuned.

Getting ready for the summer? Are you wondering how to lose weight fast at home or how to lose weight fast in 2 weeks?  These 5 ingredients will help you shine and be in your best shape ever:

1. Superoxide dismutase (SOD)

Superoxide dismutase (SOD) is the most powerful natural antioxidant.

It is an antioxidant which stops fat storage. It’ called the ‘life enzyme’ because of its strong antioxidant effect.

SOD is the first line of defense from the most harmful free radicals that attack your body and contribute to the appearance of obesity.

Only one SOD molecule is enough to neutralize millions of dangerous substances and it’s several times stronger than the Q10 coenzyme, vitamin E, and vitamin A.

How to include superoxide dismutase in your diet?

You should eat food rich in these antioxidants such as broccoli, cabbage, and Brussel sprouts. Also cantaloupe and honeydew melon are a great source of SOD.

You should eat at least 2 cups of green vegetables per week to ensure the necessary intake of this antioxidant.

2. Yeast probiotic which destroys toxins

The connection between gut flora and extra pounds was proved a long time ago.

The increased amount of bacteria in the intestines breaks down fatty acids in products which directly stimulate the hunger center and increase your need for calories which are then stored in the fat tissue.

That’s why Saccharomyces boullardi, the only probiotic yeast that brings balance back to the intestinal microflora and boosts digestion, is very important for you.

Studies have shown that a combination of SOD and  Saccharomyces boullardi decreases hunger, it helps you lose weight and it eliminates toxins in your body.

Subsequently, it improves digestion and it reduces the chances of forming cancerous substances in the intestines.

How to include Saccharomyces boullardi in your nutrition?

When it comes to probiotics every pharmacy offers a great choice, just make sure you ask for the ones with Saccharomyces boulardii.

3. Capsaicin and piperine

Capsaicin and piperine are natural fat burners.

Clinical studies show that capsaicin helps the weight loss process by boosting the metabolism and increasing body temperature.

Afterward, the body enhances fat burning and it turns fat into energy. This leads to a more intensive and faster weight loss.

Another vigorous fat burner is piperine, which is found in black pepper. It improves digestion and it helps burn fat faster.

These two powerful ingredients simultaneously reduce food craving even when you intake fewer calories.

How to increase the intake of capsaicin?

Hot pepper is the main source of capsaicin. Also, sweet pepper which you can eat if you don’t like spicy foods is a good source of this ingredient.

Furthermore, capsaicin is the main ingredient of many fat burners and weight loss supplements.

There are some diet pills made of natural ingredients which can help you intake enough capsaicin for a successful weight loss ride.


4. Flavonoids found in nettle extract

NettleFlavonoids will help you get rid of water retention and cellulite.

Dry stinging nettle extract boosts the removal of excess water trapped in the fat layers of cellulite. It speeds up the process of lipolysis i.e. breaking down fat layers and eliminating toxins.

Detoxification helps getting rid of the subcutaneous fat and cellulite and it makes your skin look better and younger.

In addition, the stinging nettle extract stimulates the liver which makes the cleansing of your body even more thorough.

How to include flavonoids in your diet?

Nettle is available in both root and leaf form, and there’s  even a powdered version of the leaf.

To ensure that you intake flavonoids buy dry nettle and prepare yourself a nice cup of tea.

5. Zinc

Zink is essential for staying beautiful and healthy during the weight loss process.

Zink is famous as the ‘beauty mineral’. The Egyptian princesses used to bathe in milk which is a great source of zinc!

It has a great antioxidant effect which makes your skin better, younger, and healthier.

Dieticians include zinc in their diets since it helps use the fats and proteins properly, and it stimulates the immune system that may be harmed, especially during the weight loss process.

Zinc is very important for your overall health – zinc deficiency can cause hair loss and diarrhea.

How to get enough zinc in your diet?

You should include food high in zinc in your daily nutrition. The best foods high in zinc are spinach, beef, shrimp, beans, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, garlic, peanuts, egg yolks, turkey, salmon.


To sum up, extra pounds can be both an aesthetic and health problem. That’s the reason why many researchers try to find the perfect formula for losing weight, obtaining your ideal body shape, and staying healthy during that journey.

Hopefully, we provided you with some answers to your question how to lose weight before the summer and what to eat in order to accomplish that.


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