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7 Best Vegetables for Weight Loss

Best vegetables for weight loss

We all know that eating fresh fruit and vegetables is essential when it comes to a healthy diet.

Recently we published our list of 10 best fruits for weight loss.

You can check it if you click on the link above.

Today, we’ll find out what are the best vegetables for weight loss.

Is there a connection between vegetables and weight loss?

Of course.

Vegetables contain minerals, fibers, and vitamins which make them perfect for losing weight and your overall well-being. (1)

Different veggies have a different effect on your body.

Some suppress your appetite, some are zero calorie foods, and some are high in water.

So, here is the list of the best vegetables for weight loss:


This vegetable is mostly water.

The amount of water in vegetables is very important for you since it hydrates your body.

Eating vegetables high in water helps your body burn fats faster.

Also, cucumbers contain a small number of calories and have a low energy value; hence this vegetable is a great choice if you are on a controlled calorie intake diet.

Moreover, the vitamins and minerals found in this vegetable will nourish your cells, which means that you will have a better appetite control.

So, you will stop yourself from overeating and craving for sweets.

It has only 16 calories per 100 g.


95% of this plant is water.

It has only 16 calories per 100 g and it is high in vitamin K, fibers and potassium.

Celery is one of the best zero-calorie foods.

It is easy to digest, it cleans your body, it’s very nutritious and it makes you feel full for a long time.

The most popular use of celery for weight loss is the one combined with lemon.

Make this combination of celery, water, and lemon juice and enjoy in this refreshing drink that can help you slim down.



Broccoli is consisted of 60% carbs and 40% proteins.

Complex carbs make you feel full for a longer time, so you will eat less during the day.

This veggie contains sulforaphane – a powerful compound with strong anti-cancer effect.

Besides that broccoli is high in fibers, selenium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and vitamin A, E, C and K.

100 g of broccoli contains 34 calories.


This low-calorie vegetable is low in carbs, which makes it excellent for your waist.

Cruciferous vegetables are very good for weight loss.

And cauliflower is one of them.

It is loaded with fibers which improve digestion and you are less bloated thanks to this vegetable.

In addition, it’s a good source of omega 3 fatty acids which boost your immune system and improve insulin resistance.

These acids also help the secretion of leptin, a hormone which regulates your body weight and speeds up your metabolism.

Cauliflower is high in folic acid, fibers, vitamin C and K.

It contains 25 calories per 100 g.


This vegetable contains big amounts of vitamin A, E, C and K and other nutrients such as manganese, copper, phosphorus, iron, folate, and riboflavin.

Spinach is very high in fibers.

Some spinach substances can help slow down the digestion of fats and it can trick you into thinking you are not hungry.

Furthermore, spinach boosts digestion, helps with digestive disorders and it boosts the urinary excretion since it contains a lot of potassium.


Tomato is one of the top foods when it comes to weight loss.

It is one of the best natural weight loss foods.

Tomato is one of the best sources of lycopene (carotenoid which protects your organism from many diseases).

Lycopene makes tomato very good for you.

The red pigment found in tomato reduces fats in your body.

Lycopene is responsible for feeling full, and the result of that is you feeling satisfied.

Also, a tomato is high in vitamin A, C, and B, potassium, fibers. It has only 18 calories per 100 g.


100 g of kale has 49 calories, 3 g of proteins and 2.5 g of fibers.

It is also a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins.

Kale is great for decreasing the levels of cholesterol, and that effect is enhanced when you eat steamed kale.

When you steam kale you boost the production of acids that decrease cholesterol much more than when you eat it raw.

Kale also helps digestion, helps with constipation, and it reduces the levels of sugar in your blood.



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