10 Tips to Stay Motivated to Exercise

Tips to stay motivated to exercise

Last updated: August 4, 2019 at 10:43 am

If I had a nickel for every time someone told me they’ll start exercising next week for sure, I would be as rich as Oprah right now :).

You can’t wait until next week, month etc.

If you want to lose weight and get fit before the summer you need to start exercising right away.

How to stay motivated?

Well, if staying healthy and looking good isn’t enough, there are some tricks on how to be more motivated to exercise and lose weight.

Set goals, plan your training, and go beyond your limits, these are the most important things that will motivate you to work out, instead of looking for an excuse not to.

So, here are the best 10 tips to stay motivated to exercise:

1. Plan ahead

If you stick to your training plan and exercises you will have a bigger chance to show up at the gym every time.

Nine out of ten gym-goers who plan ahead achieve their goal.

On the other hand, only three out of ten gym-goers who don’t have a plan go regularly at the gym.

2. Set high goals

I have noticed that girls I train get better results if they set higher goals.

This is a good way to get into better shape.

Small goals- small results.

And with high goals, only the sky is the limit.

3. Compensate for every missed training

You shouldn’t feel guilty if you miss a couple of training sessions.

However, if you really want to achieve good results, you can come up with a ‘punishment’ for every time you miss training.

For example, add 10 extra minutes on the treadmill or 20 extra crunches on your next training.

4. Award yourself

Don’t forget to award yourself or praise when you work hard.

When you achieve a certain goal, give yourself an award (like a cheat day, for example).

This will help you go to the next training more pleased and more willing to exercise.

5. Share the good news with a friend

It might sound weird, but it helps.

When you are done with your workout, share the experience with someone.

Call a friend and tell them what you’ve done and what you’ve achieved.

You will feel better and you will want to repeat the experience.

6. Compete with someone

Maybe you don’t want to exercise with other people, but it’s a good thing to find someone to compete with, at the gym for instance.

So, try to run longer or do more sets than people you usually see at the gym.

7. Eat healthily

Food is very important for your good looks.

A well-balanced diet will help you maintain your ideal weight and it will give you enough strength and energy to continue exercising.

8. Get a workout buddy

First, I told you to find someone to compete with, and now my advice is to find a friend you’ll go to the gym with, for example.

Working out together is more efficient.

Try to find a suitable program or join some sports club.

9. Clothes don’t make the man, but they are important for exercising

Working out isn’t about what you wear, but you will feel better if you exercise in comfortable clothes that you actually like.

10. Don’t forget to warm up

I often see people at the gym that skip the most important part of the training, and that’s stretching.

Trust me, that’s a big mistake.

A proper warm-up protects you from injuries and it allows your body to prepare for the hard work it needs to do.


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