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How to Find Motivation for Weight Loss?

How to find motivation for weight loss?

Losing weight isn’t that easy, especially if you need to lose a lot of pounds.

Many people give up before even starting and they accept the fact that they will never get rid of extra pounds.

To start a diet successfully you need to change some old habits and to dedicate yourself to eating more healthily.

You need one more thing besides a good diet and exercising to keep you going and that’s motivation.

Motivation for weight loss: What you need to know

You’ve probably felt at some point that you are strongly motivated to lose weight.

What makes you really motivated to lose weight is persistence.

Also, you need to find good reasons why you want to lose weight and to be aware of that.

The thought of putting on a tiny bikini soon can be a good motivation to hit the gym! (1)

But, some people need more encouragement to do exercise. (2)

When you find a strong reason why you want to lose weight, you won’t lack motivation.

Here are some strong reasons for weight loss:

  • To stay healthy – I don’t really need to explain this
  • To improve your looks
  • To feel good in your own skin and clothes
  • To improve your self-confidence

Motivation for weight loss – Best tips:

Write down your goals

Don’t just think about your goals, write them down as well.

Goals mean much more if they are written down.

Try to keep them close so that you can remind yourself.

Write them down in your cell phone or on a piece of paper that you can carry in your wallet.

That will motivate you to stick to your goals wherever you are.

Treat yourself

To stay motivated and strong-willed you need to reward yourself once a week for your achievements.

At the end of the week, if you achieve your goal, treat yourself.

You can eat some favorite sweets or some food you don’t eat often.

But, if you want to avoid cheat days then visit a spa or a beauty salon.

Don’t be too critical and stop asking yourself how you gained so much weight.

We all have ups and downs, so don’t worry too much about things.

Set realistic goals

Don’t compare yourself to supermodels.

That’s not a good way to stay confident.

Photos of supermodels discourage women since they start setting unrealistic goals.

Eventually, women start thinking they won’t look like that and they give up on their diet.

So, instead of comparing yourself to a supermodel whose job is to look good, find a photo of you in your best shape and try to achieve that.

Don’t step on the scale every day

What is weight loss plateau and how to beat it

The scale is very useful, but many people overuse it.

There’s no need to step on the scale every day.

If you are weighing yourself multiple times during the day you will find out that your weight varies depending on what you eat and drink, the intake of salt (salt retains water), how many times you go to the bathroom, and how many sweets you eat.

This can only make you feel bad and you will start doubting yourself.

The best thing is to step on the scale once a week to track your progress.

Wear your bikini at home

It might sound crazy, but this is one of my favorite tips.


I do housework listening to music and wearing a bikini.

This can help you feel more comfortable with less clothes and it will make you realize what you need to work on better.

So, what’s the bottom line?

If you’ve decided to lose weight, you need to know that you have to change your lifestyle.

The weight loss process is an entire change and you should know that if you want to get long-term results.

If you want to change your dietary habits and start exercising you need to change a lot in your every day routine, plus it’s a good idea to find people who will support you and encourage you in your journey.

Try to accept that this journey has obstacles and difficulties right in the start to avoid stress later and you will be more successful at losing weight.


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