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18 Tips How To Avoid Weight Gain During Holidays

Avoid weight gain

Last updated: February 19, 2018 at 12:24 pm

It’s holiday time. Plenty of food everywhere, staring at you from numerous plates, looking so delicious. How to resist and avoid weight gain?

Avoid plates refilling and fat, eat fish and exercise – sounds simple?

An average holiday feast contains up to 6.000 calories – we don’t have to tell you what that means.

But you should not fall into despair and feel bad if you are thinking you are missing something if you are not eating a lot because we are giving you some solutions. Here, you can see 18 tips how to avoid weight gain during holidays.

1. Smart replacements

When you are cooking for yourself, you should replace regular groceries with lower calories food. For example, use honey instead of sugar.

Eat zero-calorie foods.

2. Eat with your non-dominant hand

For example, if you are right-handed eat with your left hand. By doing this you will confuse yourself, and you will be more aware what is coming in your mouth. Studies show that you will consume 30% less food each meal.

3. Confuse your sense of taste with peppermint

Peppermint represses appetite and has an impact on your sense of taste by changing the food aroma. When you are finished with peppermint try to eat something and you will find that taste is slightly different than you are used to. Try to rinse your mouth with menthol mouthwash during the holidays and you will eat less for sure.

4. Sparkling water

Drink 2 glasses of sparkling water before dinner and you will not gain weight. At least for that meal.

5. If you eat a lot walk a lot

Walk, jog, run. It’s OK to enjoy all kinds of food, just be careful and burn those extra calories you consumed.

6. Do not starve the next day

Starvation will cause eating too much next time you enter the kitchen.

7. Easy with alcohol

Drinks like wine and liqueur fatten fast.

8. Drink water

Drink a glass of water when you wake up and every time during the day when you feel hungry. Usually, when you feel hungry you are actually thirsty.

9. Eat food with proteins and fiber

Food with protein and fibers will make you feel full for a longer time. Food which is rich in fiber and protein are berries, chia seed, peas, beans.

10. Chew a gum while you prepare food for party

It is good for your breath and it also prevents you from nibbling during the night.

11. Eat healthy food between the parties

Eat healthy food and small meals during the day.

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12. Portion control

It’s OK to eat grandma’s cake but takes smaller pieces.

13. Sleep enough

Enough sleep helps your body regulate the level of hormone which controls appetite and hunger.

14. Exercise

Maybe you are not at home, but at least try to walk, ride a bike or jog. After a long and splendid meal, you will feel inactive, so light exercise or walking will help you regain your energy and spend some of the calories. If some of your friends are annoyed because you want to leave offer to walk the dog or to go to the store.

15. No refilling

Even if your host gets mad, say no to extra food, especially when you are full.

16. Reduce snacks

Snacks should not become a meal! Afterward, you will still be hungry and with unwanted calories.

17. Breakfast

Having breakfast for Christmas morning is essential. This way you will be less hungry for lunch. But be careful, do not eat too many calories even for breakfast.

18. Eat slowly

When you eat fast you will not realize that you are full even if you eat everything from the table. You will realize you are full much faster if you eat slowly.

How to avoid weight gain? How to control weight without exercise – what you shouldn’t and what you could eat?

 What shouldn’t you eat?

Avoid Weight Gain


Unhealthy sauces (they are full of sugar and fat)

Salted peanuts and nuts

Peanut butter crackers

Cakes and cookies (this is the hardest part, but you could try)

Chicken skin (greasy and it has more calories than any other part)

Stuffing in meat (you already have meat, and if you insist try fruit stuffing )

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What could you eat?

Avoid Weight Gain

Chicken (without skin)

Vegetables (cucumber, carrot)

Almonds, dry fruit

Fish (salmon for example)

Healthy sauces (hummus sauce)

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