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5 Benefits of Yogurt for Weight Loss

Benefits of yogurt for weight loss

Healthy and balanced diet can make you more resistant to illnesses, can boost your immune system, and help you lose weight and stay slim.

One of the products that are healthy and pro-weight loss is definitely yogurt.

If you intake fermented products that contain probiotics regularly, you can achieve balanced metabolism and avoid problems such as obesity.

And obesity is something that worries us all, lately.

Probiotic yogurts are the best way to speed up your metabolism and at the same time enjoy the taste of your favorite food.

Moreover, what are the benefits of yogurt for weight loss?

1. It can help you lose belly fat

If you intake 500 grams of yogurt (2 cups) daily you can lose belly fat and get into your favorite skinny jeans.

A study from the University of Tennessee showed that people who consumed yogurt every day during their restricted-calorie diet lost 22% more pounds than the others who didn’t. (1)

The results from the University of Tennessee showed that they had 81% less belly fat than the group which didn’t consume yogurt during the diet.

In a clinical study scientists observed 34 healthy, but obese respondents and divided them into 2 groups.

The research lasted 12 weeks.

The first group had 180 grams of non-fat yogurt 3 times a day, which provided them with about 1100 milligrams of calcium.

On the other hand, the other group was getting only one portion of yogurt which provided them with 400-500 milligrams per day.

Both groups were intaking 500 calories less than usual to stimulate the weight loss process.

And both groups of respondents lost weight, as expected, but the group that had more yogurt lost significantly more pounds.

The respondents that had one portion per day lost averagely 11 pounds in 12 weeks, while the respondents that had 3 portions of yogurt lost about 14 pounds.

So, if you want to get rid of love handles, you should consume a cup of yogurt in the morning.

2. It can help you recover from a strenuous exercising

Yogurt has the ideal protein and carbs ratio which makes it a great ingredient to consume after training.

The perfect time to have yogurt is 60 minutes after exercising.


The proteins in yogurt provide amino acids that the muscles need to compensate, and the carbs replace energy storage that’s wasted after hard training.

Also, the proteins in yogurt increase the amount of water the guts absorb and that’s how they improve hydration.

3. It can help you get rid of water retention

If you are like 70% of people that intake a big amount of salt during the day, then you might have a problem with excess water in your body that makes you feel fat.

Moreover, excessive consumption of salt can lead to hypertension, heart and vessels diseases.

Potassium can help you eliminate salt.

And yogurt has almost 600 mg of potassium per glass.

So, yogurt improves your blood pressure, prevents flatulence, and it encourages excessive water loss i.e pounds you get overnight.

4. Yogurt can boost your metabolism

A diet based on yogurt speeds up your metabolism and boosts calorie burning.

Yogurt is a great source since it contains a lot of calcium and little calories.

Food high in calcium affects fast calorie burning.

If you lack calcium, your body will store fat, which results in gaining weight.

Yogurt is a better source than milk because it contains 50% more calcium.

Make yogurt part of your diet and choose the ones with probiotics because you will burn more belly fat.

5. It can improve your health

Yogurt is high in calcium, zinc, and vitamin B 12.

If you intake yogurt with probiotic bacteria, you will help your body stay healthy.

This type of yogurt contains probiotic, useful bacterias that live in your digestive tract and helps to destroy the harmful microorganisms that can cause intestinal infections.

Furthermore, yogurt boosts your immune system, the T cells in particular which fight against viruses and infections, but it also regulates digestion which is crucial when it comes to weight loss and active metabolism.

For example, yogurt that contains probiotics and prebiotic culture reacts efficiently when you suffer from indigestion, flatulence, or when you intake heavy food.

So, what’s the bottom line?

As you can see there are many benefits of yogurt for weight loss.

Yogurt is definitely a weight – loss friendly food.

There are many diets based on yogurt.

You might be wondering:

How much yogurt should I eat a day to lose weight?

Don’t exaggerate – one cup in the morning with healthy breakfast and one before bedtime (as a dinner) is enough.

And what is the best yogurt for weight loss?

Well, a low-fat one.

Avoid fruit yogurts from the supermarket- it is a ‘fake healthy food’, loaded with sugar and additives.

Make fruit yogurt at home instead. Buy a low-fat greek yogurt, put it in the blender with 100g of strawberries and enjoy the nutritious, healthy meal.

Also, there are many other healthy combinations with yogurt.

Start the day with a mixture of yogurt and lemon water, or yogurt and cinnamon and begin burning those extra pounds!



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