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How to Get Rid of Back Fat?

How to get rid of back fat?

Many women struggle with back fat despite watching what they eat, doing exercises, and trying to cover that up with clothes.

But the thing is if you have back fat you need to do the right exercises to eliminate this problem.

There are ways to get rid of back fat. (1)

The most important is starting a healthy diet and exercise, of course.

Nevertheless, before deciding how to get rid of back fat you need to determine which part of your back has the most fat.

3 back fat areas

Fat can pile up on several places on your back.

Most people experience fat in these three areas:

  1. The chest area. If you have extra fat around your chest then you have upper back fat.
  2. The waist area. If you have fat around your waist then you have mid-back fat.
  3. The lower back area. If you have ‘love handles’ as many women do, then you have lower back fat.

Let’s check what are the best ways to lose back fat depending on the area your back fat is (by ways here I mean exercises).

So, how to get rid of back fat?

1. Best back fat exercises

Push ups best exercises for weight loss

Do more cardio

If you really want to get rid of back fat then you need to sweat!

Cardio workout, running, skipping rope and so on, will help you burn that stubborn fat.

Remember that you need to spend at least 60 minutes, 4 times a week doing cardio to achieve your goal.

Higher intensity cardio will definitely help you burn fat and calories.

To make your back look thinner you can do exercises for the parts of your back with the most fat.

You should do exercises for the following muscle groups:


If you build strong shoulders muscles and chest muscles you will also look thinner.

Weightlifting or overhead press will help you build strong shoulders muscles.

Mid-back exercises:

The Latin name for these muscles is ‘latissimus dorsi’.

If you make these two muscles stronger your mid-back and your waist will look thinner.

The best exercise for these muscles is rowing; it makes the muscles stronger and toned shaping them like a triangle.

Waist exercises:

If you want to slim down around your waist, you need to work on your abs and your spinal muscles.

These muscles help shape your body and look slimmer.

Stretching these muscles with your arms above your head and bending them with or without weights will help you strengthen your body.

You can also do the yoga boat pose exercises and reverse sit-ups. (2)

Lower back exercises:

A bad posture makes the fat in your lower back more visible.

Try to stand properly and keep your back straight, do exercises for your lower back to make your muscles stronger.

Stretching your lower back will help you get rid of fat in this problematic area.


This exercise strengthens the muscles in your back, arms, and torso.

This is a pretty hard exercise so not many women like to do it.

But, if you do one pull up right, that will affect your back more than many other exercises.

If it’s hard to do it you can use some machines that can help you do pull-ups until your back muscles aren’t strong enough to do it on your own.


Push-ups is a great exercise for the whole body, including your back.

Do 10 reps in 3 sets.

Jump rope workout

This is an effective cardio workout that burns fat even on your back.

2. Diet

How to stop overeating

A low-calorie diet can help you burn fat in your whole body.

Unfortunately, you can’t choose where the fat will disappear first, but, you can choose a diet high in non-fat proteins which will help you build muscles.


Because strong muscles improve your posture, and a good posture makes you look thinner.

You should combine a proper diet and back exercises that will make your back and chest muscles stronger.

3. Medical procedures

I’d rather skip this, but I need to mention.

If you are tired of diets and exercises and you don’t notice any progress, there are some surgical and non-surgical treatments that can remove back fat.

The most popular are the classical liposuction and laser liposuction.

Most medical procedures have side effects and they require rest after the procedure.

Also, they are usually expensive.

So, it’s better to try to solve this problem with diets and exercising.


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