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5 Ways How to Lose Face Fat

How to lose face fat

Last updated: November 14, 2018 at 21:48 pm

Losing weight is hard.

Whoever says the opposite, they haven’t tried it.

It’s necessary to put a lot of effort, exercise, and have a balanced diet.

And these are the most common weight loss tips.

But, what if you want to lose weight and fat on a specific part of the body, like your face, for example?

This can be even harder.

But, don’t give up.

Many people search for ways how to lose face fat or how to lose double chin every day. (1)

And they have good reasons for that – face fat isn’t healthy and also doesn’t look good.

So, here you can read how to reduce face fat and look younger, healthier and more attractive.

So, how to lose face fat?

First things first.

You must be realistic about your face.

Sometimes we exaggerate when we look ourselves in the mirror, so it’s a good idea to ask someone for their honest opinion.

In addition, some people have a round face thanks to their genetics.

Look at your family members and see if you inherited your face shape from your family.

When it comes to genetics, there isn’t much to do about it, except for accepting yourself the way you are.

Face fat on a skinny body

Is really fat what you see on your face, or is it just retained water that makes you bloated?

Retaining water happens because of different reasons (dehydration, diet, alcohol consumption) and usually occurs around the face, ankles, and belly.

These are the ways that can help you get rid of extra water and make your face thinner:

  • Reduce the intake of salts and sugars: Excessively salty food can cause water retainment so, be careful how much salt you put in your food. Also, reduce the processed sugars you intake, because they can have a similar effect on your body.
  • Avoid alcohol – Alcohol is a dehydrating substance that makes your face round. Moreover, it is full of calories and you should decrease the intake of alcohol if you are trying to lose weight.
  • Drink a lot of fluids – When your body doesn’t get enough water, it starts retaining it. So, try to intake more fluids to avoid this.
  • Check your pills –  Some of your regular pills might cause water retainment. Check the side effects of your pills and talk to your doctor. There might be an alternative that will make you less bloated.

5 ways how to lose face fat:

If you have some extra pounds, it might be possible that you have extra fat on your face, too.

It’s difficult to lose fat on one particular part of the body, so that’s why you should use a program that helps you lose weight overall.

However, there’s something you can try that will improve the look of your face and that will make you less chubby.

So, how can you lose weight in your face:

1. Try the best exercises to lose weight from your face

The best exercise for your face is definitely smiling 🙂

You need to do exercises for your entire body, but you also need to do exercises meant for your face only:

  • Say X and O alternately. These 2 letters will help your face contract muscles.
  • Suck the inside of your cheeks to create a fish face. Repeat this several times.
  • Open your mouth, hold like that for a few seconds and then close. Do this 30 times.
  • Open your mouth and let your cheeks fill with air. Close your mouth and move the air from one cheek to another. Do this for several minutes.
  • Chewing gums is also a good exercise to tone your face. Choose a sugarfree gum that doesn’t contain aspartame. The best choice is a gum with Stevia.

So, how to reduce chubby cheeks at home – try these exercises and start reducing your face size.

2. You should sleep well

Getting enough sleep is one of the ways to lose face fat.

A lack of sleep can lead to flatulence.

Furthermore, when you don’t get the optimal 8 hours of sleep, you eat more unhealthy food because a lack of sleep causes hormonal imbalance.

Also, when your body is tired you have to strain your face muscles and because of that, your face looks visually bigger.

Irregular sleep is the reason for cortisol secretion which causes more fat layers on your body.

Sleep at least 7-8 hours to avoid this kind of look.

3. You should drink more water

It’s important to drink lots of water during the day.

That can reduce the swelling of your face and ‘wash’ toxins from your body, as well as improve your general health.

It’s recommended to drink at least 2 liters of water daily in addition to other drinks and the water you get from food.

Cold water helps burning calories, while warm water maintains your body temperature.

Also, you can drink green tea which is an appetite suppressant and a zero calorie food.

4. Try to quit smoking

We all know that smoking is a bad habit.

Smoking is bad for your skin, it makes it looser, older, and your face appears fatter than it actually is.

If you can’t quit smoking at least try cutting down the number of cigarettes you smoke daily.

5. You can try some cosmetic and esthetic tricks

If the previous tips don’t help, or if you don’t have that much face fat, you can try some cosmetic tips to make your face look less rounded.

For example, you can change your haircut to improve your look.

A longer hair might make you look fatter, whilst short hair might make you look younger and thinner.

If you use make up, keep in mind that a darker lipstick makes your face more rounded, so choose brighter colors.

Also, you can learn how to accent some features and make the impression of having a thinner face.

So, what’s the bottom line?

The most obvious way to make your face ‘thinner’ is to lose weight.

If you intake fewer calories during the day, your body will spend stored fats.

One of the first stored fats that your body will spend are the fats from your face and neck.

The most important thing is to lose weight healthily, to reduce the intake of calories, and not to starve or forget to intake enough nutrients to your body.

Eat healthily, exercise, and use the tips from this article if you want to reduce face fat successfully.



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