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How to Get Rid of Thigh Fat?

How to get rid of thigh fat

I already wrote about how to lose belly fat, arm fat, and back fat.

But, there’s one more body part where fat piles up and women desperately want to get rid of it.

Yes, it is thigh fat.

A very common problem among women. (1)

So, let’s see how to lose thigh fat once it for all.

But, first things first.

Why do you have thigh fat?

Many women store fat particularly in the thigh area, forming what is known as a “pear-shaped body” before they reach menopause.

Let’s go back to pre-ancient history.

Many years ago, during the evolution, storing fat in this area helped cavewomen to survive during drought periods and lack of food.

Women who were able to store fat in their hips and thighs were able to become pregnant and have babies during droughts.

Moreover, the female body needs to have an additional 1000 calories per day during pregnancy and breastfeeding- that’s how storing fats in the thighs is genetically passed on to future generations.

That’s one of the reasons why is difficult to lose thigh fat.

Your prehistoric ancestors’ genes cause hormones and enzymes in your body to direct every extra calorie and fat cell to your hips and thighs.

For example, your levels of the female hormone estrogen can be slightly higher than other women’s whose body doesn’t store extra fat in these areas.

So, how to get rid of thigh fat?

The answer is to exercise and to eat healthily.

1. Best exercises to get rid of thigh fat


Cycling for weight loss

Definitely, one of the best exercises to get rid of thigh fat and those extra pounds. (2)

Cycling helps improve your health and well-being.

How does cycling target thigh fat?

Cycling strengthens your leg muscles- quadriceps, gluteus, hamstrings, and calves.


Running for weight loss

Running is a cardio exercise and cardio is one of the best ways to lose weight. (3)

Why is cardio the best?

The cardio workout has a lot of health benefits.

It can burn calories, reduce the fat tissue, strengthen your heart and your lungs.

Also, cardio boosts your metabolism long after your workout.

And running especially targets your thigh fat.

Air bike exercise

Lie on your back and start “cycling”.

This is a great exercise for your thigh muscles and your gluteus which you can do while watching your favorite TV show, and the result is amazing.


Squat best exercises for weight loss

A well-known exercise, of course.

Bend your knees, put your hands on your hips or your waist and start squatting until you feel pain and stretching in your thigh muscles.

Go back to the starting position and repeat this exercise at least 8 times.

When you get into shape you can do more reps and sets.

Split squat

Split squat

Split squats completely engage your lower legs and every muscle up to the gluteus so you shouldn’t skip doing them.

How to do this?

You need to step up and squat and keep your other leg on the floor.

Put your arms on your waist and if it’s difficult in the beginning, you can put them close to your body.

You should do 15 split squats per set and then gradually increase to 30.

Yoga bridge pose

Yoga bridge pose

My favorite exercise.

Lie on your back, bend your knees, put your arms next to your body.

Put a towel between your knees so the inner part of your thighs is active and lift your buttocks.

Do more than 15 reps per set and don’t forget to breathe properly.


Also, a plank is a very good exercise if you want to get rid of thigh fat.

Read more here.

2. Nutrition

Most important nutrition rules to get rid of thigh fat:

Don’t skip breakfast!

You shouldn’t skip the first meal of the day because it increases your metabolism which helps to reduce fat layers and get slimmer legs. (4)

Eat foods high in proteins

Avoid meals high in refined carbs and choose a combination of proteins and fiber-complex carbs.

The proteins give you energy so that you can do cardio in the morning.

They also help you build muscles.

Carbs can also give you energy and make sure you feel full.

Eat frequent meals

Intake food every few hours to prevent hunger and late-night overeating.

Try to snack between meals (healthy snacks).

Choose food high in proteins and fiber that will give you energy.

Read more about best weight loss snacks here.

Drink enough water

Drink water every time you feel thirsty and you will avoid hundreds of calories by not drinking sodas and other sweet drinks.

Water has 0 calories, it hydrates your body and it helps you lose weight.

Read more about drinking water for weight loss here.

Sleep well

This isn’t a nutrition rule, but it’s worth mentioning.

Getting enough sleep is helpful when it comes to weight loss.

Being sleepy makes you eat more, plus you are too tired to work out.

So, sleep well- a good night sleep is also important to lose weight.

Read more about sleeping for weight loss here.

So, what’s the bottom line?

Burning calories is the key to weight loss and exercising is one of the healthiest ways to make it happen.

Do exercises that affect thigh fat, such as cycling, running, HIIT…

Also, follow the above-mentioned nutrition rules and you are gonna lose thigh fat for sure!


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